Environmental Policy

Vildmarksservice AB’s operations consists of two main segments; Dogsledding tours and ecologically fly fishing tours. In addition to this we also carry incentive activity to lesser etent.

We have been privileged to in a unique natural environment, often called Europe’s last wilderness.

Vildmarksservice AB must take responsibility for the natural environment is a prerequisite for our business and our guests expections and our work satisfaction. All our operations characterized by by a high quality feel and of course, very high environmental awareness. Our desire is to work in harmony with nature and reduce its environmental impact by an active recyling thinking.

It is also important that both staff and guests are familiar with our environmental policy and are involved in environmental work.

Our environmental work is a continuous development of our environmental philosophy. Our focus is to always be ahead of both customer and regulatory environmental requirements.

We are actively pursuing a long-term ecological sustainability of our business, our client’s and and future questions sake.

Ulf Blomquist